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Simon Peter is one of the most beloved characters of

the New Testament. Besides his ardent and energetic

personality, it is the weaknesses lurking in his character

that we find attractive. Prone to mistakes, word gaffes,

and more solemnly, his deep failure when he denied his

Lord. Perhaps it is this very thing, combined with the

Lord’s patience with His devoted servant, and in the

end, His restoring grace, that causes us to be captivated

with this particular disciple.

Simon Peter’s importance in the unfolding drama of

redemption and the establishment of Christianity also

appeals to us, and even demands that we should study

his life. This small book (so much more could be written

on Peter !) is presented with the purpose of answering

that desire and to facilitate a good understanding of the

life and times of this special disciple. It is written in a

simple, non-scholarly style, and highlights the various

critical epochs in Peter’s life, from his conversion to his