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Author: F. S. W. 

Pages: 226

Publisher: Believer's Bookshelf USA

Publish Date: 2015

Binding: Paperback


Many of the Psalms are divinely directed to “The Chief Musician.” Ultimately, this can be no other than the Lord Jesus. The Lord said in Hebrews 2:12 that “in the midst of the assembly will I sing Thy praises.”

When we gather around the Lord Jesus to remember Him on the Lord’s Day, we should have Him especially before our minds (Matthew 18:20). The author in this book has presented 52 meditations—one for each week of the year—on the Lord Jesus—His Person and work. The idea is that these are to be read and considered carefully in our minds before going to remember Him, to help to have our thoughts directed to Him. Many are taken from the Old Testament, often from portions we may seldom read or consider to be important when thinking of our Lord. But our brother brings out Christ in each one of them.

The author desires that only his initials be used so that more praise and worship will go to the Lord Jesus, not to him, just a lowly servant saved by grace alone—all that any of us can say. Our brother in the Lord breaks bread and ministers in a small local assembly in North America. He and his wife have grown children and are now in the grandparents-stage of their life. His great desire is that you will find more pleasure in the Lord Jesus as you read these weekly meditations. We believe you will.