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Author: F. G. Burkitt

Pages: 91

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA 

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

When World War I (1914--1918) was in progress, some Christians thought that this war was the forerunner to the coming of the Lord (the Rapture), hence the title of this book. Europe was being devastated by the greatest war the world had ever witnessed up to that point, so Christians turned with more than usual interest to the prophetic Scriptures to see what God had said as to the future. This book looks into those future prophetic events and explains what God has to say about them. We likewise today see many destabilizing events unfolding that make us want to know more of what God has to say about the future, and He says plenty! Prayerfully reading this and other books on prophecy with an opened Bible is a good way to rest assured that God is still in charge and all things will work together to fulfill His plans! This book clearly traces the course of prophetic events--His plans--from the Lord's coming for us, to the future eternity. Little biographical information is available on F.G. Burkitt (1864-1929). We believe you will profit from this book and be encouraged to keep the Lord’s coming in your thoughts, as you study personally this most interesting and encouraging subject!