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It has often been noted that Paul’s Second Epistle to the Corinthians is one of the most difficult of all his writings to understand. Yet, in this verse-by-verse expository outline, Hamilton Smith concisely and clearly opens up the contents for us.

No other epistle shows so much the heart, feelings and struggles of the great apostle. Paul had been deeply concerned to know how his first letter to the Corinthians had been received. When Titus had brought to him the report of the repentance of the Corinthians, he wrote this epistle to comfort them and also to continue to warn them. As the author writes in the forward of this commentary:“Having set before them Christ...he exposes the false pretentions of evil men who were seeking to corrupt the assemblies of God’s people by presenting themselves as angels of light and ministers of righteousness.” 

The comfort and the warnings of Second Corinthians are much needed by Christians today. This little commentary will facilitate our understanding and encourage us to lay hold of the words of Paul and Holy Spirit who inspired him to write.