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Author: J. G. JAKES

Pages: 307


The River Rages, the second book of the "River's Trilogy", is a fictional story based in the American South with a mix of melodrama, suspense, and historical events. The adventures of Luke and Katie McCoy begin when they lose their farm to an unscrupulous land grabber. Uprooted from their home and their way of life as they know it, they move to the city where things start to get really complicated.
The brazen, yet courageous Katie is not afraid to face danger nor restitution. Often, it seems that danger finds her and Luke has his hands full as he tries to keep situations in check and Katie safe.
Katie develops some unusual friendships--a next-door neighbor with abilities to see visions and a proprietor of a house of ill-repute. In time, a deep and abiding respect develops between the women. Lives are changed as faith is renewed, resiliency is restored, and good humor abounds. And, Luke, who is always trusting Katie's decisions breathes a sigh of relief!
While set pieces flavor melodrama and romance with humor, The River Rages turns serious when Luke and Katie's closest friend, Hoose, get railroaded on a murder charge, facing his almost certain execution. Along with their new friends, they plan out and implement the perfect escape. How they manage this blow is the book's climax.