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Author: Various

Pages: 169

Publish Date: 2013

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA 

Binding: Paperback 


This book is like shopping in a department store specializing in high quality merchandise. There are 18 messages from 14 highly respected and gifted authors, from a Bible conference in Scotland many years ago. The theme of the first four messages is the House of God. This is why we have given this Believers Bookshelf edited edition a title emphasizing the House, but there is much more ministry that will refresh the spiritual heart. The book (originally transcribed) has been edited as needed to make it easier to read, with many references added.

Other topics included are: “The Law of Your Mother,” “Reality,” “Paul’s Two-Fold Ministry,” “The Gospel And The Church,” “Following the Lord,” “The Lord’s Ministry To His Own,” “The Resources of Divine Love,” “The Shepherd Psalm,” “A Psalm of Love,” “The Man of God’s Right Hand,” “The Gifts of Divine Love,” “The Christ of God” and “The Shepherd Seeking The Sheep.” Some of the authors are James McBroom, A.J. Pollock, Hamilton Smith and William Westcott.

Since we believe the Holy Spirit leads in such conferences, there is a spiritual reason these messages were given together at this one conference, and we believe you will be as refreshed in reading this ministry as we were in preparing this book. Enjoy and be spiritually uplifted!