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The offerings described in Leviticus 1 to 7 are a beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus in both His life and His death. The studies in this little book deal with four of the five offerings in these chapters. They are based on edited transcripts of a series of addresses given by George Davison, in which we have tried to maintain the style of our brother as far as possible. Bible quotations have been changed from the KJV to the NKJV.

The first study takes up the burnt offering. This typifies the way in which the Lord Jesus glorified His God and Father by going into death. Everything He did, and all that He is personally, was all for God’s glory. The burnt offering was entirely for God.

Secondly, the grain or meal offering speaks of Christ’s perfect life on earth—in which He always did what was pleasing to the Father so that His life ascended as a sweet aroma to God.

Then the teaching about the sin offering brings before us the need for confession and restoration of fellowship with God after sin has come in. It speaks of Christ’s work for us.

The last study looks at the peace offering, showing God’s desire to have fellowship with us in contemplating His Son. From this particular offering, God received a part, the priest received a part, and the remainder was to be enjoyed by the offerer.

It is our prayer that this book will help you to grow in your understanding of the significance of these offerings and especially their practical bearing for us in the present day.

Softcover, 64 pages.