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Author: W.J. LOWE

Pages: 55

Publisher: Chapter Two

Publish Date: 1999

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Hardback

Markings: N/A.


The Nest in the Altar

Reminiscences of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Having had occasion to travel over the scene of the late war, and having been asked to put on record some account of the delivering grace of God and of the way in which He has tested His saints, I have acceded with much reluctance, feeling my incompetency for the task. All I can do is relate what has come under my personal observation, or what has been, communicated to me on reliable authority. The reader will thus not look for a history, but merely a narrative of incidents, which occurred at some intervals of time and space, with the reflections to which they have given rise; and he will consider the few incidents that are here recorded rather as specimens of the kindness of God displayed toward some of His children than as any attempt at a chronicle of events. If what is written suggests any useful lessons and thoughts to the reader, he will know how to bear with the scarcely avoidable disorder of the way in which it is put together. Should it encourage him to join his heart and voice to those to others in the meed of praise which has gone up to God for His abundant goodness, its perusal will, it is hoped, justify its publication. It is a blessed thing for the child of God when he can imitate the example of those who, soaring above the din and confusion of this world, find a nest in the altars of the Lord of Hosts. (pg 84.) Praise is comely, and it fills with real joy the heart of him that offers it. The Holy Spirit bids us rejoice in the Lord always; and a heart, invigorated by the love of Christ, delights to find a new occasions of praise, like a man hunting for treasures where none but the initiated would dream that any existed. May the Lord lead his people into the sanctuary, there to trace the wondrous ways of him whose way is in the sea and his footsteps in the great waters; there also to glorify Him, and discomfit the adversary, by new fruits of praise which babes and sucklings are able to cull for Him in the midst of all the wickedness with which this earth abounds.