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Author: F.A. HUGHES

Pages: 83

Publisher: Central Bible Hammond Trust

Publish Date: 1973

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


The Lord`s Supper

This book has been written because of a burden shared by a few lovers of Christ about the importance, relevance, meaning and infinite privilege and joy of observing the Lord`s Supper.
On the very eve of His betrayal, arrest and crucifixion the Lord Jesus gathered His disciples round Him, and after the Passover Supper He inaugurated this simple memorial of Himself. In the Bread and the Cup He signified that He was about to give Himself † His body and His blood † for us. Then He added `This do in remembrance of Me,` so challenging the hearts of all the redeemed to obey and respond to such supreme devotion and love. In this act we also `show forth the Lord`s death until He come.`
It is sad to record that the import and appeal of our Lord`s institution appear largely to have been lost in the ritual and formality with which it has been surrounded in Christendom. False teaching has given many to take it as a means of grace for sinners, whereas the Lord`s Supper is a simple memorial to believers of the One who died for them.
In a day when spiritual truths are being despised or neglected as never before it is necessary to remind all true-hearted Christians of the supreme virtue and recompense in remembering our Lord in obedience to His request. As the Lord Jesus manifests Himself in the breaking of bread we may experience the joy of heart-felt response to the One who gave all for us, and of true worship to the Father whom He came to declare.