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Author: G. C. WILLIS

Pages: 80

Publisher: Bible Light Publishers

Publish Date: Unknown

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Hardcover

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The Law of the Leper

I have read "The Law of the Leper" with great interest and with no little edification. What pleased me very much was that the writer did not go into detail on the disease itself. It is very interesting to note that even Scripture does not do that. Leprosy is leprosy as sin is sin. We are not only guilty before God for sin as it appears in kind and in repeated acts, but for sin as it is in essence. For this reason leprosy, according to Leviticus, was to be diagnosed only objectively.

It is not what the patient feels or says, but what the priest sees and states, that counts. That which is used for the leper`s cleansing is also objectively applied from without, as nothing wells up from within him that can cleanse him. The leper`s return to the camp depends not upon his own desire, nor upon the will of those in the camp, but upon God`s decree to which the priest must strictly adhere. In like manner we are sinners not because we may or may not feel to be such, but because God says, "All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23.

The spiritual application of this exceedingly interesting Old Testament description of the leper and his cleansing is, I think, sound and fully covered by New Testament scripture proof. The whole treatise magnifies God`s power in our salvation and teaches us man`s utter inability to save himself.

May the Lord bless this book for the coming of His glorious kingdom in showing sinners that without Christ we can do nothing.