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The Scriptures speak of the “great salvation,” which has reached us through the Gospel. We, who have experienced the saving grace of God, know something of its greatness, but it is only as we search the Scriptures and investigate its details that the magnitude of what God has brought to pass begins to dawn upon us.

We who have been saved know something of the greatness of that salvation, but we only learn its true greatness when we investigate its details. Then we will more fully understand the whole. We can’t grasp the whole divine plan of salvation from one word, just as we can’t see all four sides of a building from one location. F. B Hole looks at the various details of salvation in this book. The author’s easyto- read style and his choice use of practical illustrations help us to understand such topics as: Forgiveness, Justification, Redemption, Sanctification, New Birth, Quickening and more.

The believer’s appreciation for what Christ has accomplished for us will be greatly enhanced by this helpful book.