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Pages: 131

Publisher: Believer`s Bookshelf USA

Publish Date: 2007

Edition: 1st

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


The God of Jacob

If God could change Jacob and bless him, none of us need be left out. Jacob was a spiritual wreck, although coming from a godly family. He was a schemer, a cheater, always operating in the energy of his sinful nature, and therefore constantly in trouble. But God did not give up on him, just as He will not give up on us. His story proves that no failure need be final, for through seven divine appearances (encounters), God gradually transformed Jacob into a man of faith, from a schemer to a prince of God.
This instructive book, really a book on backsliding and restoration within a book on Jacob`s life, has many valuable lessons for us today, as well as a gospel appeal. You`ll never think of Jacob the same way again, nor are you likely to forget the account of his life. The book is easy to read and well worth your time and effort. We recommend it to believers of all ages!
Dr. Maurice Bassali has worked with many people over the years to help heal their bodies as well as their souls. He writes in a kind but forceful fashion that makes all of us consider our ways.