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Author: H. C. HEWLETT

Binding: Paperback


Stand with me some summer night on an isolated hill and look up into the star-bejeweled heavens. The unaided eye can see about two thousand stars. Our sun, an average star, could contain 1,250,000 earths like ours. Yet some stars are large enough to swallow more than half our solar system! We wonder, with David, that their Maker would ever give a passing thought to rebel sinners who inhabit the blue planet, third form the sun.

How mighty must He be who made the stars as the work of [His] fingers (Ps. 8:3). How wise must He be who knows the number of each one (Ps. 147:4). How lofty must He be who humbles Himself to “look on the things that are in heaven” (Ps. 113:6). Ah, but how loving must He be who came to this little orb and, on His way to the Cross, slept on just such a hillside with the stars as His only canopy.

This One is the focus of H. C. Hewlett's book. With what careful treatment and devotion the author deals with his Subject. Follow this wonderful journey from eternity through our Lord's Old Testament appearances, His Incarnation, Transfiguration, Crucifixion, and Exaltation. View in holy awe if only from a distance His Eternity, His Deity and Humanity. Learn more of the Son, the Great High Priest, and the Lamb. There is no grander subject. There is not greater occupation.

May the Spirit make Him increasingly real to our hearts. As we open this book, our prayer should be, That I may know Him (Phil. 3:10).