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Pages: 392

Publish Date 2016

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA

Binding: Paperback

You will notice this is a long book, but it uniquely covers four of the longest and most important books of the New Testament. It is a semi-commentary on all four Gospels, but not verse by verse, although there is an analysis of each Gospel section by section and sometimes verse by verse as the analysis proceeds. The writer looks at the object of, and relationship between the four Gospels, considering the many subjects found in them, such as the Incarnation, parables, miracles, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and many doctrinal teachings. Parallel passages are examined. We have carefully edited this approximately 100-year-old book for clarity, not doctrine, and in this process, slightly condensed it. We believe it is very readable for 21st century readers of all ages, and we believe it will give you a much better understanding of why four Gospels as well as the great truths found in them. Mr. Samuel Ridout was a highly respected teacher and author of the late 1800s and early 1900s and a close friend and companion of F.W. Grant. There are very few modern-day authors who write with such clarity and depth of truth! We highly recommend it to every person who has an interest in digging deeper into the four Gospels beyond just reading them. We know you will find the time well spent. Enjoy!