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F. B. Hole, in his usual concise, clear and pithy style, gives the reader a sound but easy to read commentary of these two important epistles.

Both Epistles of Peter are addressed to Christians elected from the Jewish Nation.

In the first epistle, Peter shows their true position in Christ in contrast with the previous position as Jews. Then he goes on to show what conduct should mark them as being in this new Christian position. Next, Peter reveals to them that even though they now occupy a position of blessing, they are still affected, as the world is under the government of God. Finally, he encourages them in view of the suffering for Christ’s sake, that they are going to have to endure for some time.

In the Second Epistle, Peter predicts, as led by the Holy Spirit, the terrible condition of the Christian profession in our day. He not only warns us of the corruption of Christendom in these last days but also sets before us the practical life and godliness which should characterize a true believer, as this alone will enable us to escape the corruptions and further us a wonderful entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.