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Author: E. DENNETT

Pages: 135

Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers

Publish Date: 1982

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


The Christian Household

Today, the household is under attack. On every hand efforts are underway to pervert or destroy God-given family relationships and responsibilities. Leaders among men cry - "The institution of marriage is out of date"; "Man`s role and the woman`s role should be the same"; "Let children be raised by the state." The forces to carry out man`s desired changes in family living are strong and growing. In the face of these attacks the believer has the great privilege and responsibility to follow God`s perfect instructions on household relationships and responsibilities. May the world around us see the happy results of obedience to God`s divine instructions. Edward Dennett in this short book writes simply about the privileges and responsibilities of each member of a household including husbands, wives and children. Christ, the perfect pattern, is set before us. We are exhorted as heavenly men to fill our respective places in the family and household. We recommend this book to you. It is simple, profitable and timely teaching.