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Pages: 213

Publisher: Bible Light Publishers

Publish Date: Unknown

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


The Brethren

Some beloved saints of God have asked that this little book, long out of print, be republished: and as we believe it may be a real blessing to the saints of God, it is a joy and a privilege to undertake this little service.
The present book on the Brethren was, we suppose, published first about eighty years, or more, ago: and many changes which make it unsuitable to reproduce without some revision and omissions. These have, I trust, been done in the fear of God, and with the hope that th e usefulness of the book will not in any way be impaired.
The first part of this book is not only deeply interesting to those who delight to trace the work of the Spirit of God in teaching and guiding the Lord`s people: but also may be profitable to guide the footsteps of some in the paths He has marked out for them. The letter describing the meeting for Breaking of Bread, on Pages53 to 60, though written about the same time, was not the original book, and is by a different writer.
The truths set forth both simply and clearly in the second portion of the book will, we trust, be of blessing to the souls of many, especially among the younger saints.
The book is sent forth that the Lord may graciously use it for His own honor and glory, and for the blessing of His beloved people.