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Hamilton Smith is well known for his Christ-centered but clear and concise writing style. The Book of Daniel an Expository Outline is a brief but rich exposition of the Book of Daniel which gives us a prophetic outline of the “times of the Gentiles,” showing the rise and fall of four great successive Gentile powers.

In the introduction to his commentary, Hamilton Smith writes, Daniel shows how completely the Gentiles will break down in the exercise of government, using it for their own glory and aggrandizement, instead of having God and His glory in view. Furthermore, it is revealed to Daniel that the attitude of the Gentile powers towards God's ancient people will be, in the main, one of opposition and persecution.

The fact that the Book of Daniel treats of the times in which we live makes it of the greatest interest and practical importance to the Christian. Not only are there great moral lessons to be learnt from the faithful conduct of Daniel and his companions, but, by the prophecies of the Book, we are "warned of things not seen as yet," that, being warned, we may live in separation from a judgment-doomed world be kept in calmness of spirit in the midst of its turmoil.