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Pages: 84

Publish Date 2016

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA

Binding: Paperback

A university is supposed to give the student a wide view of the field under study, taught by experts, backed by great resources. Mr. Ridout seeks to show that, for the Christian, the Bible is not only a university in that it gives a wide study of God's will, history and plans, but is taught by Holy Spirit-led men and backed by every spiritual resource possibly needed. Almost any field that can be studied finds some help and direction in the Bible if such help is sought. Mr. Ridout proclaims the importance of knowing the Word of God and then gives 32 themes he believed to be vital for every Christian to know. He intended to write on all these themes, but that vision was never fulfilled. However, his books or other sound literature are available covering most of his subjects. We pray you will see the spiritual value of his study-plan and will search the Word accordingly. We pray too that you will value doctrinally sound Christian literature and will desire a well-used library of such books. Samuel Ridout was born in 1855 and died probably in 1930. He was a well-respected teacher and author, a good friend and companion of F.W. Grant. He sought the well-being and spiritual growth of the people of God, urging (as in this book) more reading and systematic study. We believe this book will give you many practical ideas for your own spiritual growth. Enjoy!