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Author: G. H. ELBERS

Pages: 106

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf Canada

Publish Date: 2005

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Battle of Conquerors
The whole Armour of God

Christians don't have to exert themselves to defeat Satan. The Lord Jesus has already done that on Golgotha. He is the great Conqueror! But how then are there still so many battles? The Bible does not cover the facts, the battle is real... "

In this study the author covers step by step the kind of battle, the sort of enemy, but also the weapons God provides. Christians are badly in need of those. Not to obtain (anew) the victory, but to remain standing. And that is possible, as God's Word promises and this study clearly demonstrates.

The battle is a spiritual one, which must consequently be fought with spiritual weapons. It is not an unfeasible, hopeless confrontation with an overpowering wicked enemy, but the battle of conquerors.