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Studies in the Minor Prophets is a seven volume commentary series on these twelve neglected but vitally important prophetic books. They are commonly called ‘minor’ due to their size in comparison with the larger prophetic books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, but this does not mean they are minor in importance. They reveal the low spiritual state of the people of Israel and their subsequent bondage to the Gentile powers. However, these prophetic Scriptures go far beyond describing the history and moral state of Israel, the Holy Spirit who penned them declares the fi rst and second coming of Messiah and His glorious kingdom. This commentary series is non-technical—written with the everyday reader of the Bible in mind—yet it is an in-depth treatment with a verse-by-verse exposition throughout.
VOLUME 2   Joel : Blowing the Trumpet in Zion     Amos : The Shepherd of Tekoa
Joel is a short book of only three chapters but covers a long sweep of prophet-ic history. It opens in a unique way, describing an army of locusts or insects devastating the countryside in an unparalleled manner. This calamity is used as imagery to prophesy about a future invading army from among the nations. The coming of the Holy Spirit is predicted but the central theme of the book is the Day of Jehovah. Joel concludes with Jerusalem restored and blessed in the millennial kingdom. Amos begins with an announcement of judgment to various nations before he turns to the nation of Israel. The message of Amos is not only intended for those “who are at ease in Zion” (the Jewish people), but also for those who profess to call upon the name of Christ. There are many lessons in the Book of Amos for those of us who have been called to a higher inheritance than were the people of Israel. The heart of the book contains a strong appeal to God’s people for a life of practical righteousness and justice. We live in a time much like the days of Amos, a time of peace and prosperity, yet with moral wickedness abounding and sin glo-ried in, and with the dark clouds of apostasy and judgment all the while beginning to gather. The “shepherd of Tekoa” is our prophet too—may we heed his words. About the Author For twenty-seven years Brian Reynolds operated a Christian Bookstore in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Currently he teaches and preaches the Word of God through an itinerant ministry regularly visiting assemblies and Bible conferences in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He is also involved in the production of The Lord is Near Daily Bible Meditations Calendar as a compiler and editor, this calendar is now available in nine languages and is shipped throughout the world. He has written several books including Jesus is Jehovah and Joseph the Son of Jacob. Brian and his wife Kim have six grown children as well as a growing fl ock of grandchildren. His local assembly is in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.