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Pages: 92

Publisher: Bible Truth Publisher

Publish Date: Unknown

Edition: Fourth

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Song of Solomon

"To be admitted, as it were, to the inner temple of the Saviour`s heart, is surely the greatest privilege and blessing we can now enjoy."
The "mighty theme" of this poetic book unveils the love of Christ for His own.
In these meditations, Andrew Miller engages the heart with the Lord Jesus in a most personal way. May the reader find it a spring of refreshment for the soul.

The twenty-third Psalm is familiar to many. To some it recalls the earliest associations of youth, and even of childhood. Scenes, voices and faces, long, long passed away and never more to be seen or heard in this world, are vividly brought before the mind in meditating on this beautiful Psalm. The heart, at times, loves to recall and dwell on such early associations. And, not unfrequently, in mature years, and even in old age, the lessons learned in youth are the best remembered. Hence the importance of early training and instruction in the things of God and of the immortal soul.
Years ago, a missionary in India came to the bedside of a dying soldier and spoke to him about the concerns of his soul, but he gave no heed to what he said. He was evidently dying fast, but utterly careless and hardened through a long course of sin. The missionary could not bear the thought of leaving him to die in his sins, knowing what an eternity of misery his must be, yet every appeal seemed useless. At last the thought crossed his mind: "I can tell from his accent that he comes from a country where the psalms of David are generally committed to memory in youth. I will try if a verse of a psalm will touch his heart." So he calmly repeated,
"Such pity as a father hath
Unto his children dear:
Like pity shows the Lord to such
As worship Him in fear.
For He remembers we are dust,
And He our frame well knows.
Frail man, his days are like the grass,
As flowers in the field he grows."
The dying soldier now looked at the missionary earnestly; he gazed at him as if a voice from afar addressed him. The scenes of home and youth rushed into his mind-a tender chord had been touched. The well-known, though long-forgotten, lines of the beautiful hundred and third Psalm thrilled his soul, and were we trust, the voice of God in his conscience. He was thoroughly broken down, so that a thousand avenues might now be found to his heart.
Surly this was the fruit of early teaching in his childhood and of the parent` prayer for his blessing. For long both the teaching and the prayers seemed forgotten, but God can never forget. The child may, alas, often does forget, but our God never can. The prayer that has been laid before Him in faith can never be forgotten. It may often seem so, and our evil hearts of unbelief are too prone to fear that it is so; but faith affirms that it can never be overlooked or unanswered. The prayer that has thus been spread out before Him is ever beneath His eye. He has the Father`s heart, He knows what it is to bring up children: "I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against Me." Isaiah 1:2 He knows every felling that exercises a parent`s heart.