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Author: Bruce Anstey

Binding: Paperback

This epistle was written to encourage Timothy to serve in a difficult day—when the mass of the Christian profession was giving up on the Apostle Paul and his doctrine. It forecasts the progressive character of the corruption that would permeate Christendom and culminate in the last days in a wholesale departure from the truth of God.

When Paul wrote his first epistle to Timothy, Christians in general were desiring to answer to their responsibilities in maintaining the order of God's house, though a few individuals proved to be defective. In the second epistle, it was not so. The evil and corruption had progressed, and the Christian profession as a whole is viewed as having failed, with only a few individuals remaining faithful to their profession.

With this dark picture before the Apostle, he seeks to stir up Timothy to go on in the service of the Lord. He passes on many helpful pointers to him that have been graciously preserved to us in the Word of God; and now anyone who desires to serve the Lord can have these guiding principles for their service. The theme of the epistle, therefore, is encouragement in service in a time of collective failure. It is a very needed word for today.