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Kay Jantzi, award-winning author and photographer of Little Thoughts For Big Days, takes her readers into a "dare to go deeper" kind of faith with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in this "New Release" sequel, "Safe IN A HARD PLACE." Delve deeper into your faith with this collection of "Faith" thoughts enhanced with treasured scripture and God's beautifully designed creation. Safe IN A HARD PLACE is a hardcover Gift Book dedicated to you right where you are, whether in the heights of success or flat out in the lowest of lows on the skid row of a hard place. If it's a step out in the water kind of day, step out with a strong faith in our God of miracles. Safe IN A HARD PLACE has received a 'Book Excellence' Award winner seal signifying literary excellence as well as the prestigious 'Gold Seal" Mom's Choice Award. The Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence seal is widely recognized as the symbol representing the best in family-friendly media, products and services, in over 50 countries. ISBN 978-0-9959593-1-6

A great gift book for any coffee table!

11.5" X 9"

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