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Author: C. KNAPP

Pages: 50

Publish Date: 2017

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA 

Binding: Paperback

The short book of Ruth is a remarkable account of an Israeli family—Elimelech and Naomi and their two boys—who went into the heathen country of Moab during a famine in Israel. The two boys married unsaved Gentile women against God’s clear direction—what we would call unequal yoke marriages (2 Cor.6:14). Under the hand of God, He removed all three men—Naomi’s husband and the husbands of the Gentile women who married the two boys. Naomi moved back to Bethlehem and one of the widowed Gentile girls (Ruth) insisted on going with her, taking Naomi’s God as her God. By lucky chance—we might say if we didn’t know God’s grace and providence—Ruth married rich Boaz, a relative of Elimelech and Naomi, and the resulting boy, Obed, is found in the lineage of the Lord. 

Christopher Knapp (1870–1945) follows the general outline of the book as presented in the Bible, but writes more on the application of the unusual events of the book to our lives and conduct today—both in our personal lives and collective (assembly) lives. He doesn’t go easy on us, the readers, but writes both plainly and urgently. While there are a number of doctrinally-sound books on Ruth, none are easier to read or are better in touching our consciences, and isn’t that something we all need! As we so often suggest to you, Enjoy!