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The Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 2 contains 256 pages of popular Rose Bible charts in one reproducible book! Full color, great for personal study, Bible studies, small groups, and classes:

Rose Book of Bible Charts 2 includes:
• Bible Translations Comparison Chart
• Why Trust the Bible?
• Reformation Time Line
• What Christianity Has Done for the World
• Women of the Bible
• Christ in the Old Testament
• Names of Jesus
• Names of the Holy Spirit
• Christ in the Passover
• The Life of the Apostle Paul
• The Lord’s Prayer
• The Beatitudes
• Bible Promises for Hope and Courage
• Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses
• Worldviews Comparison
• Christianity & Eastern Religions
• 10 Q & A on Magic, Spells & Divination
• 10 Q & A on Jehovah’s Witnesses
• 10 Q & A on Mormonism
• 10 Keys to Witnessing to Cults
• and many more!
BONUS: Genesis Time Line 22" foldout

To buy each of these topics individully in pamphlet format in all would cost you more than $200. And you can reproduce up to 300 copies of any chart free of charge for your own classroom. 192 pp., full color; contains most Rose material published since January 2005. Hardcover with a spine covering a spiral binding. Reproducible.