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Revelation Expounded
By: William Kelly

The Lectures here presented to the reader were delivered about fifteen years ago, taken in shorthand, and printed in 1858-9 in a periodical form, with additions or retrenchments throughout. In 1861 a new and corrected edition of the Greek text with a close English translation and a full statement of the authorities (MSS., versions, and early citations) and various readings in the notes. In 1868 a new edition in the periodical form was issued, and the following year again in the collected form.

I trust that, in spite of many hindrances to such a revision as one might desire, the present edition will be found not only enlarged but more accurate, though few are likely to be so sensible of its defects as myself. May the gracious Lord, who deigned to use it for the good of souls, even when certainly encumbered with greater drawbacks, bless its fresh circulation to the refreshment of His own and the warning of the careless or even the scornful among such as know Him not!

ISBN: 0881721069
Dimensions: 5.0 X 8.0″
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 266
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
Weight: 0.75 lbs
Author: Kelly, William