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Author: W. T. P. WOLSTON

Pages: 112

Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers

Publish Date: 1982

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Rest for the Weary

1. Solid Foundation
The purpose of Rest for the Weary is to bring the reader to a conscious sense of rest in Christ. In our restless, success-oriented, performance-based world we are taught to strive to succeed. A new believer will find this gospel teaching a revelation and a mature saint will find refreshment.
2. Humility and Exaltation
Besides a foundational presentation of the gospel from the Book of Ruth, Rest for the Weary has several bonus articles including Go to Joseph. There are few better types of Christ in the Word of God. As Wolston introduces the chapter, "Joseph is the most beautiful and complete type of the Lord Jesus in the days of humiliation and in the days of His exaltation."
3. Christ, Christian Position and Practice
This excellent article on Colossians 1 rounds out the book. The book seems to me to be an excellent appetizer for a young believer. It doesn`t provide a how-to for the daily details of Christian walk. Instead Rest for the Weary presents the solid foundation for our relationship with God.