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Author: C.E. LUNDEN

Pages: 173

Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers

Binding: Paperback


May this meditation cause each one of us to evaluate the present in the light of eternity that we may, as men, put away the childlike things and take up practically day by day with the heavenly and eternal things.

Table of Contents

1.Introductory Remarks

2.Seven Feasts of Jehovah, The

3.Seven Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven, The

4.Seven Churches of Asia, The

5.Throne of Judgment, The

6.Beginning of Sorrows, The

7.Great Tribulation, The

8.Day of the Lord, The: The Indignation, the Harvest, Consumption

9.Day of the Lord, The: Primary Restoration

10.Day of the Lord, The: Return of the Ten Tribes

11.Day of the Lord, The: The Indignation, the Siege

12.Day of the Lord, The: The Indignation, the Winepress

13.Day of the Lord, The: The Millennium

14.Day of God, The