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Author: Bruce Anstey

Binding: Wire bound


The Bible (the Word of God) promises a bright future for the nation of Israel. Their blessings from God in the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ will be so great that they will not have room enough to contain it! The Scriptures foretell of a time when restored Israel will gladly share their abundance with the converted Gentile nations of the earth. All this will take place under the reign of the Lord Jesus, the Messiah of Israel, Whom they once rejected, but then, will gladly acknowledge.

However, nowhere in Scripture do we find that this promised blessing is to be realized by every Jew or Israelite. The purposes of God to bless Israel will be accomplished in a remnant of the people. Many will prove to be faithless, and apostate, and will come under the judgment of God. At the end of a time of unparalleled distress (called the Great Tribulation) the nation will be attacked and devastated by what the prophets designate as “the Assyrian,” but the Lord Jesus Christ will appear to deliver the nation, and will supremely bless a remnant from all twelve tribes. They will enter the kingdom of Christ and will experience the blessings foretold by their prophets.