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Author: Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz

Binding: Paperback

Do you......
- wish you knew more about the similarities and differences between Christianity and          Islam?
- want to know how to share your faith with a Muslim?
- wonder why Muslims are so fiercely devoted to their faith?

For many of us, the words Islam, jihad, and Muslim were terms that described a faith and people outside our daily life. But recent events have changed that. The news is filled with these words, and we may be struggling to make sense of their true meaning. In simple and practical terms, Bruce & Stan explain the similarities and crucial differences between Islam and Christianity. You'll discover. . . 

- how the religion of Islam developed
- what Muslims believe about sin and salvation
- how Jesus is seen by followers of Allah

You don't have to have a degree in theology or comparative religions to understand Islam. Let Bruce & Stan give you an overvieew of what the religion of Islam is al abot. With the basic knowledge, you'll have the confidence to discuss spiritual matter with Muslims.