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Author: W.W. FEREDAY

Pages: 128

Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd.

Publish Date: 1990

Edition: 2nd

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


Peter The Apostle

Critics have often found fault with the Bible for its frank exposures of human evil. But its fearlessness in this particular is one of the many proofs of its divine origin, and how thankful should we be to have the whole truth laid before us! The Spirit of God has laid special emphasis upon the foibles of Simon Peter. We know his vagaries better than those of any of his companions. Indeed, if all the passages which present him to us unfavorably were eliminated from the Bible story, we should know very little of this singular servant of our Lord Jesus. There is doubtless divine design in this. The Spirit knew (though His inspired penman did not) the use that would be made of Peter`s name at a later date, and so has taken pains to show us that the Apostle was not infallible, whatever his pretended successors may claim to be.