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The Perfect Pumpkin Patch coloring book teaches the parable of the sower found in Luke 8:4-15. The illustrations are designed for young children (ages 4-7 years) to enjoy as an adult reads the story.

Written by Robin Fogle
Illustrated by Carles Marti

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    • Springtime had come to the farm. The sun was shining brightly. Birds were singing cheerfully. Baby animals played in the pasture as a gentle breeze fluttered the new leaves on the trees.
    • Mr. Farmer got up from his rocking chair on the front porch. He stretched his arms way up high and took a deep breath of the morning air. "Time to get busy, Whiskers," he said, as he gave his cat a pat on the head. "I'm going to plant the perfect pumpkin patch!"
    • Mr. Farmer went to the barn. After he hooked the plow to his tractor, he hopped up on the seat and away he went, out to the field. His plow turned the soil over in long, soft rows just perfect for planting pumpkin seeds.
    • The next day, Mr. Farmer got out his seeder and filled it with hundreds of big pumpkin seeds. His mouth watered just thinking about the delicious pumpkin pies Mrs. Farmer would make in the fall!
    • Mr. Farmer had planted about half of his pumpkin patch when . . . KABOOM! Seeds went flying everywhere! "Oh, no!" shouted Mr. Farmer.
    • Pumpkin seeds came pouring down from the sky like raindrops. Some of them fell on the path by the field. Mr. Farmer watched as hungry blackbirds swooped down and gobbled them up.
    • Some seeds sailed over into the rock pile Mr. Farmer had made when he cleared his field before plowing. The seeds slipped between the rocks and disappeared from sight.
    • Still other seeds flew into the blackberry bushes that grew beside the woods.
    • But some of the pumpkin seeds fell on the dirt that Mr. Farmer had plowed. Plip, Plop, they landed gently in the rows, and the soft soil snuggled around them, keeping them warm and cozy.
    • Mr. Farmer looked sadly around at his field. He checked the seeder to see what was left of his pumpkin seeds. The seeder was empty. "Well, I guess that is the end of my perfect pumpkin patch," he said with a sigh.
    • Soon spring breezes turned into the long, hot days of summer. Rain fell and the sun shone. Out in the field, Mr. Farmer's pumpkin vines grew and grew. When he passed the rock pile, Mr. Farmer saw that the plants growing there had all withered and died in the hot sun. "Rocks are not a good place for plants to grow," said Mr. Farmer. "The roots couldn't reach into the dirt to find the water they needed."
    • Next, Mr. Farmer strolled by the woods. He saw pumpkin vines, but they were all tangled up in the thorns of the blackberry bushes. "Thorns do not help pumpkin vines to grow," said Mr. Farmer. "They are choking out the plants, and who would want to reach into these thorns to pick pumpkins?"
    • At last, Mr. Farmer turned and looked out over the rest of the field. Pumpkins were growing everywhere! The vines were green and healthy. Lots and lots of little pumpkins were hanging on the vines. "Now, this is a very nice crop of pumpkins!" said Mr. Farmer with a smile. "This soil is just perfect for a pumpkin patch!"
    • When fall came, Mr. Farmer knew the time was right for harvesting his pumpkins. He had so many he couldn't even pick them all! "These pumpkins are too nice for me to keep all for myself," he thought. "I know what I'll do! I'll share some with my friends!"
    • When the field was empty, Mr. Farmer and his friends gathered around the table. Mrs. Farmer brought out the best pumpkin pie she had ever made! "Thank you for the pumpkins!" everyone told Mr. Farmer. "Don't thank me," said Mr. Farmer. "Let's thank God for giving us the best pumpkin patch of all!"

  • The seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. Luke 8:15 (NIV)

These coloring/activity books are not only fun but also educational. The easy-to-understand text and applicable pictures make Bible stories come alive. Reproducible for home or classroom use.