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Enrich your understanding of the Book of Psalms with Rose's Psalms pamphlet. Explore this most beloved book, by learning the who, what, when and where about these favorite Bible passages. Discover the 10 different types of Psalms from Psalms of Lament to Psalms of Thanksgiving, and learn how to effectively read these beautiful Scriptures. This Psalms Bible study covers the basics everyone should know in order to fully unlock, appreciate, and learn from these heart-filled cries.

Check Out These 6 Fantastic Features of The Psalm Bible Study:
  • Includes a great background summary of the Book of Psalms
  • Covers the 5 major and 5 minor "Types" of Bible Psalms
  • Explains 3 key characteristics of Hebrew poetry
  • Provides 3 practical ways of reading the Book of Psalms
  • Features helpful charts that give tons of facts at a glance
  • Shares insightful commentary on popular Psalms, such as Psalm 13, 23, and 100
Pamphlet fits inside most Bible covers, 14 panels, unfolds to 38 inches