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Author: Bruce Anstey

Binding: Paperback

The purpose of the Minor Prophets in Scripture is to supplement the subjects presented in the Major Prophets—Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. Thus, the Minor Prophets do not bring forward new prophetic subjects but expand on those that have been introduced by the other prophets. They provide extra details regarding the humbling of the Remnant of Israel and their eventual blessing under the millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, apart from about 6.7 million Jews in their homeland, the nation of Israel is dispersed throughout the world—ten of the twelve tribes are unidentifiable! They are not colonists helping to expand an empire, but up until recent times (1948), exiles without a homeland. The prophetic Scriptures answer the question as to why Israel is outside of the land they once had, and how a remnant of that nation will return and be blessed in that land. Historians have their explanations, Zionist religious movements have their beliefs, and politicians have their plans in regard to Israel, but those who learn the ways of God from the Word of God have an infallible guide to what is about to happen to that nation.