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Author: T.L. MATHER

Pages: 354

Publisher: T. L. Mather

Publish Date: 1982

Edition: 1st English

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.


No King But Caesar

Luke, "the beloved physician" addressed both his gospel and the Acts of the Apostles to a roman official whose baptismal name, Theophilus, means "lover of God." It is an encouraging thought that the reader of this book must be a lover of God also, or he or she would not read it.
"No King but Caesar" is a book on the Acts of the Apostles. Among other things Acts is a book of ancient history, a specialized discipline which the general reader has little time to study. But without this knowledge much that Luke writes about is not understood. To overcome this problem this book begins with an historical introduction to the Acts. As we progress in our studies we will supplement this with appropriate local history. This approach should effectively make the reader at home in the ancient world of two thousand years ago.