MY FEASTS, G. Davison- Paperback

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Author: G. Davison

Pages: 48

Publisher: GBV

Publish Date: Unknown

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

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My Feasts, G. Davison

"Until you have made a study of the three sevens, you will never know where you are in the dispensational ways of God." Words to this effect are attributed to the late Dr. Wolston. The three sevens he referred to are (1) The feasts of Jehovah _ Lev. 23 (2) The parables of the kingdom. Matt. 13 (3) The addresses to the churches. Rev.2:3. This statement is true and a study of these passages of Scripture will amply repay the student. One interesting point is true in regard to all three. They divide into four and three. It will be obvious to the student that the first four feasts stand together and the last three. In the parables the first four go together and the last three. But in the addresses to the churches the first three go together and the last four. A word on this may be helpfuló.