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These stories are filled with God’s care for orphans, widows and children from around the world. Verses from Scripture in every story show how God’s truth applies to many different aspects of life. You will find what out what happened to Chem from Korea after his mother died. Why did Soyung’s mother put him in a canoe and shove him out into the current alone? How did the Lord make use of Sugia’s jewels? In all there are 19 stories of children from around the world.

Each story is skillfully written from the child’s perspective. For example, you don’t find out how Dr. Franklin went to help Roomoosh without finding him accompanied by his son Don through the howling blizzard. As a result, children can see other children throughout the world with their missionary parents or as they struggle growing up in heathen cultures.

These stories are set in at least a dozen different countries on four continents. You will learn about life in India, China, South Africa and many more countries as the culture of each place is mentioned by the way. Little cultural notes are found in the margins where they will help children in their understanding of the far-away places where other children live. After all, do you know what a kraal is? whether to step on or bite into a jelebi? how many islands there are in the Pacific?

Each of the 19 stories is introduced with a carefully crafted color introduction. It’s our first book with interior color pages and we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the result. We hope you will be too. Then throughout the story there’s a liberal sprinkling of pictures to hold the child’s eyes while she reads or listens to an adult sharing these tales of God’s faithfulness.