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Author: J. W. H. NICHOLS

Pages: 71

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf USA 

Publish Date: 2016

Binding: Paperback

What is usually called “The Book of Psalms” is in the Hebrew Scriptures a Pentateuch of five books, with distinct design in the contents of each. All are connected with God’s earthly people.

It is helpful to notice that the predominant titles used in each book are in beautiful accord with the character of each. In the first book (Ps.1–41), the people are viewed as in the land, under covenant relationship. In the second book (Ps.42–72) the nation is viewed as under Gentile oppression, driven out of the land for their sins. In the third book (Ps.73–89) Israel’s history is sketched from its commencement to the establishment of the Millennium. Psalm 90 begins the fourth book and gives Jehovah’s connection with His people. The fifth book (Ps.107–150) contains chiefly “Hallelujah” psalms. Jehovah is seen as having resumed His covenant name and place with the remnant nation returned to the land.

J.W.H. Nichols lived a long life (1867-1960), eventually immigrating to the USA, where he carried on a faithful ministry to His Lord. We think you will enjoy this little book for study and enjoyment of the Psalms!