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F. B. Hole is well known for his concise and biblically sound writings; always Christ centered and winsome, this book is in keeping with that style. Though the author has been for a long time in heaven with his Lord and Savior, his writings have remained in print in one format or another for many years be-cause of their helpfulness to believers.

The present volume is a collection of the author’s expositions of the Psalms. Many of the Messianic Psalms are looked at in this book; the glory of his Person and the practical work in the souls of men. The focus of this book on Christ should have a particular appeal to every lover of the Lord Jesus. Though the author does not present a detailed or scholarly look at these psalms, he writes with a devotional emphasis which is in keeping with the author’s usual style.

We are living in a day when there are many confl icting voices which are crying for our attention, indeed perilous times are upon us. How wonderful then that we can view the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, as prophetically revealed in the Psalms!