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Author: H.L. Rossier

Pages: 114

Publisher: Believers Bookshelf Canada

Publish Date: 2006

Edition: Unknown

Condition: New.

Binding: Hardcover

Markings: N/A.


Meditations on Ruth & 1 Samuel

The light of God`s grace shines brightly in the little book of Ruth after the dark days of the judges. Ruth the Moabitess is introduced in to the genealogy of David and thus ultimately also in to the ancestral line of our Lord Jesus Christ. Boaz, the mighty yet gracious Kinsman-Redeemer, refreshes our hearts as a beautiful picture of Christ.

Although 1 Samuel begins with the ruin of Israel`s priesthood under Eli and his wicked sons, God does not permanently give up his people. He raises up faithful Samuel the prophet and judge. Then upon their rebellious demand for a king like all the nations, he first gives them Saul, the man after the flesh, and only later, the man after His own heart, David, a type of Christ, whom they persecute.

Henri Rossier in his commentary on 1 Samuel, now translated from French into English, shows us, through David`s adversities, many aspects of Messiah`s sufferings in the midst of his own people. Also, he gladly points out that during this dark time, there were those, too, whose hearts were drawn out to David _ faithful witnesses to his afflictions who would one day reign with him. These lessons find practical application in our lives today as well.