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MARK - H. A. IRONSIDE - Paperback

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Author: H. A. Ironside

Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers Inc.

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

These affordable new editions can be used with your favorite Bible translation and have features that make them ideal for personal use or group Bible study. Helpful introductory notes - Practical outline - Easy to read text - Fresh interior design - Now you can enjoy and profit from the books that have helped thousands of believers around the world come to a richer understanding of God's Word.

From the table of contents:

The Servant Begins His Ministry
The Work of the Divine Servant (Part One)
The Work of the Divine Servant (Part Two)
Parable of the Divine Servant
The Servant Continues His Healing Ministry
Opposition Develops
Tradition Versus Revelation
Intimations of the Coming Glory
The Path of Discipleship (Part One)
The Path of Discipleship (Part Two)
The Servant in Jerusalem
Lessons of the Servant
Revelations of the Future
The Supreme Sacrifice (Part One)
The Supreme Sacrifice (Part Two)
Christ Serving Still
A Harmony of the Gospels
Author Biography