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Pages: 96

Publisher: Believer`s Bookshelf

Publish Date: 1999

Edition: 2nd

Condition: New.

Binding: Paperback

Markings: N/A.



Malachi? That little book at the end of the Old Testament? Wasn`t that written to Israel? Why would I want to read that?
These are some good questions. But there are good answers, as well.
We have all seen the moral decay all around us. The push for entertainment, and things to make us feel good. The shock of events in today`s news. The times in which Malachi lived and the sad conditions of the people to whom he wrote are much like today.
Since God does not change, the Old Testament records God`s examples for us today. His message to people 2,500 years ago still merits careful thought. In this day of spiritual decline, as we wait to meet our Lord, we think you will grow by reading this little book.
This book is not a word by word exposition of the book of Malachi. Instead, this book has been edited for easy reading. Young and old alike can apply God`s word to our lives in this new millennium. We have used the New King James Version for all the Malachi text so the many striking lessons recorded in Malachi`s day will be fresh as we study them today.
We highly recommend this book to you. You will be both challenged and blessed as you listen to God reason with his people through Malachi`s heart.