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Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter

Pages: 288


Brides of Lancaster County #2

As a child, Rebekah suffered a freak accident that left her legs paralyzed. Now, confined to a wheelchair most of the time, she feels that she will never measure up to the expectations of her Pennsylvania Amish community that a woman marry and raise a family. She longs to be loved for who she is, but she has come to believe that marriage is not for her and that she will always be a burden to her family. 
When Daniel Beachy--who has long seemed smitten by Rebekah's cousin--begins to spend time with Rebekah, she believes it is only because he feels sorry for her and is interested in obtaining her new business. After all, what man would choose a woman with a handicap such as hers for a wife?
Will Rebekah ever find the miracle she is looking for?