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Introductory Lectures to the Old Testament
Volume 1 – The Pentateuch
By: William Kelly

“The Lectures which follow were delivered in London, during the month of May, 1870, and corrected from notes taken in shorthand, with additions. It may be painful to some that so much notice is taken of skeptical assaults on the Pentateuch. My object, however, is not only to promote the direct edification of the Christians who are quite unaffected by such puny efforts of unbelief, but to furnish helpful hints to those who feel either need of a candid answer to captious objections, or a wish to aid the feeble entangled by such snares of the enemy. These remarks, chiefly in the form of footnotes, unless I err greatly, will not be unwelcome to many souls; for to my mind the defense made by those friendly to revelation is in general almost as feeble, and in many cases quite as painful, as the attacks of its foes. May He whose grace is rich to all that call upon Him bless every reader, as He bears with my shortcomings, though earnestly desiring to magnify Himself and His word!” ~From the Introduction

ISBN: 0881720922
Size: 5.0 X 8.0″
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 524
Publisher: Believers Bookshelf (1970)
Weight: 1.25 lbs
Author: Kelly, William