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Airship Genesis: the Legendary Bible Adventure is a fantastic and thoroughly trustworthy, new series from Dr. David Jeremiah’s Turning Point Ministry.  Kids will love learning God’s Word through the Airship Genesis NKJV Study Bible with helpful features such as:

  • 66 Mission Overviews – Bible book introductions
  • 100 Rupert Reports – short informational notes throughout the Bible
  • 50 Logos Discovery articles – articles that take kids on a journey through the Bible
  • 75 Power Force articles – practical application and Bible truths articles
  • 50 Bible Heroes – character studies of main Bible heroes
  • 100 Bible Blasts – highlighted Bible memory verses
  • Full color maps
  • Bible concordance

Airship Genesis  is a designed to engage the children in your life and show them the adventures that can be found inside the Bible. Five incredible young adventurers called the Genesis Exploration Squad travel the world aboard the Airship Genesis. Led by a special Bible that opens pathways into the past, the members of the Genesis Exploration Squad step into history and explore the stories of the Bible. Along the way, these adventurers will discover legendary artifacts that help them learn and remember lessons of God’s Word. And there is also a great Airship Genesis website with lots of free materials for kids.

As parents and grandparents who pray that their children will love the Lord can attest, there is a clear need for solid Bible teaching for younger generations. Turning Point’s Airship Genesis: The Legendary Bible Adventure and the Airship Genesis NKJV Study Bible are exciting ways to engage children with biblical knowledge and a life long faith.