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Vendor Name: Provident
Released: Jul 26, 1996
Group: Music
Format: CD-Audio
Category: Children
Series: Cedarmont Kids Classics
Label: Cedarmont
Type: Recorded

Track Listing:

1) Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart
2) Praise Him Praise Him
3) Hallelu Hallelu
4) Wonderful Words Of Life
5) Fairest Lord Jesus
6) Lord Is My Shepherd
7) Heavenly Father I Appreciate You
8) Come And Go With Me
9) Kum-Ba-Yah
10) Come Bless The Lord
11) God Is So Good
12) Praise The Lord Together
13) Jesus In The Morning
14) He Is Lord
15) Love Love
16) Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart Split Track
17) Praise Him Praise Him Split Track
18) Hallelu Hallelu Split Track
19) Wonderful Words Of Life Split Track
20) Fairest Lord Jesus Split Track
21) Lord Is My Shepherd Split Track
22) Heavenly Father I Appreciate You Split Track
23) Come And Go With Me Split Track
24) Kum-Ba-Yah Split Track
25) Come Bless The Lord Split Track
26) God Is So Good Split Track
27) Praise The Lord Together Split Track
28) Jesus In The Morning Split Track
29) He Is Lord Split Track
30) Love Love Split Track