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The story of Joseph presents an amazing and undeniable foreshadowing of the sufferings and glories of Jesus Christ. These sufferings and glories are the central themes of the Old Testament, whether in its histories, its prophecies, or even in its poetic writings. And the “types” play an important role in thus revealing Christ.

The story of Joseph is a wonderful example of this in that it presents the history of his rejection, trials, and eventual exaltation over Egypt. In tracing this history, the primary object of Joseph, the Son of Jacob—His Sufferings and His Supremacy, is to look at Joseph as a type of Christ.

However there are also many practical lessons to be learned from studying Joseph’s life as well. At the end of each chapter the author has included a section called, Practical Refl ections; after all, these Scriptures were written not only to prophetically reveal Christ, but were also meant to have a practical impact on believers. These practical reflections will be based on the things brought out in each chapter of the book.

The reader will also fi nd a Study Guide in a discussion question format at the end of the book. It is a simple study tool for those desiring to dig more deeply into the story of Joseph in order to promote study or discussion in a group setting, or for personal study. 

The study of the life of Joseph is well worth pursuing for young believers and older ones alike. This book will aid the reader in pursuing that object.