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Author: C. KNAPP

Binding: Paperback

The Lord declares that the Scriptures testify of Him: "They are they which testify of me," He is speaking of the Old Testament Scriptures.
Throughout the Old Testament we find allusions, direct and indirect, to Christ; making it all so interesting. God brings a double method of bringing Christ before us in these Scriptures. He Speaks of Him by direct reference in the 53rd of Isaiah and many others. He also shows us Christ in type and figure, using inanimate things as the ark, tabernacle, manna, etc.; also in animals as Able's firstling, the passover lamb, scapegoat, sacrificial animals, etc. God's most striking and effective method was the use of persons.
Joseph is first of all presented to us like David--in character as a shepherd. "Joseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the flock with his brethren:" No figure of Christ can be more beautiful than that of a shepherd His tender care, devotedness, faithfulness, meekness, patience and sympathy.
Many other types unfold with the further perusal of this book.