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The Dreamer's Tomb

It's been three years since Jonathan Park's last adventure. After a series of unforeseen events, Jonathan finds himself leading a daring expedition in one of the oldest cities in the world. With his friends by his side, he ventures out to the Middle East to find solid evidence that lines up with the incredible stories of the Old Testament!


From the moment they arrive in Cairo, Jonathan and his friends are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime - to take part in a captivating archaeological dig that uncovers jaw-dropping evidence of the Biblical account of Joseph! A city under a city, an amazing palace, intriguing tombs, a spellbinding statue, missing bones, and a unique waterway next to the Nile - all key pieces of a puzzle that are too compelling to ignore! But with each new discovery, the sinister attempts to sabotage their plans intensifies!

Includes the following albums -


  • Digging Deeper
  • The Mysterious Statue
  • Secret of the Nile
  • Disappearing Bones